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is the only factory in this region that manufactures 2 (two) different types of Porcelain, one for the Housewares range - normal porcelain, and one for the hospitality business (Hotel range) - UltraHardÒ. None of our competitors in South East Asia offer this choice.

Verdiâ UltraHardâ Porcelain versus Normal 'Fine' Porcelain

We have always produced UltraHardâ (vitrified) porcelain for the hospitality trade. To meet ever demanding International standards, the complete production of our UltraHardÒ Range of Hotel Porcelain is fired using modern ‘high tech’ kiln systems, resulting in a product of exceptional high quality, which is:


  • whiter



  • smoother



  • even harder than before


We call our products UltraHardâ for the following reasons:

  • The better material that we use - resulting in a more 'compact' - stronger body.

  • The hard ‘glaze’ that we use to compliment the stronger porcelain body.

  • The higher temperatures that we use to fire both our ‘biscuit’ - 900°C and ‘glazing’-1,400°C, even our decorations are fired at 900°C - creating a special tempered effect (similar to tempered glassware)

Problems associated with Normal 'Fine' Porcelain includes:

  • Chipping on the rim and under 'well'

  • Cracking in Plate warmers and heated dish washers

  • Excessive breakage through rough handling

Our products have none of these characteristics that have long been associated with ‘cheap’ normal porcelain. It would therefore be unfair to compare our products with such.

Customised Chinaware

We are able to customise decorations according to requirements, these include:

  • Colour Banding - any number of bands & up to 54 colours

  • Logo - up to 54 colours

  • Colour Banding & Logo - up to 54 colours

  • Decorations - up to 54 colours

Prices vary according to complexity of design, total number of colours used and quantities.

Our asking quantity is 5,000 pieces (assorted items) for the first order, and a replacement quantity of 1,000 pieces (assorted items) for subsequent re orders. We will produce the decoration for as long as it is  required so long as these minimum quantities are met.

We will only make ‘samples’ of decoration for confirmed orders (i.e. customers must confirm acceptance of our prices first), in this instance there are ‘no charges’ for design of ‘sample order’

All our decorations are ‘lead and cadmium' free, we use only colour pigments that have been tested to comply with standards set by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Our marketing emphasis is thus on our durability and our flexibility in decorations aside from the very good prices we are currently offering to you.



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